Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eulogy Speeches, Poems and Quotes

How To Write a Funeral Eulogy:

It is almost certain that some time in your life you will be asked to give a eulogy for a loved one who has passed on.  Giving a eulogy can be looked upon in a couple of different ways.


1.  You can look at it as an obligation. 
2.  The deceased may have requested that you give the eulogy.
3.  You may want to give the eulogy out of respect even though speaking in front of others makes you a nervous wreck. 

What ever your reason if you choose to give the eulogy, put your feelings aside and just remember the person and talk about maybe some funny or interesting experiences shared.  

Although it's a sad time, also remembering the person with laughter can also help you and others cope with the death and loss. 

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