Monday, March 27, 2017

Too Many Shoes for Tenlei - New Children's Book Released

BG Jenkins has just released her newest children's book called: Too Many Shoes for Tenlei: The Gift of Sharing Do you share and keep your room tidy? Join us to see how Tenlei deals with her many shoes and messy room. You will be surprised, and her friends are delighted with the solution. Come join us in the celebration.

Brenda is wonderful at creating these stories for her grandchildren and then turning them into books so they will have them forever.

Some of her other books are: Cowboy Tru and the Texas Barbeque, Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful and Seren Chickadee: Tweet Songs from the Heart...and other Poems.

The books are available in both Kindle format and paperback.

If you have grandchildren or even your own children would enjoy these as bedtime storybooks, so get them now and share the love with them too.